Best Adventure Holidays Around the World

To some people, the idea of a holiday relaxing on one of the world’s prettiest beaches is their idea of paradise. Other people, however, may prefer to have a more active holiday. If you’re the sort of traveller who enjoys doing something active to get the adrenaline pumping, this blog is for you — we’ve put together the best adventure holidays from around the world, from coasteering to dune buggying and more! United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

1. Coasteering in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

Coasteering is the perfect aquatic adventure to get your adrenaline pumping at the coast. Involving rock climbing, hopping and jumping, coasteering allows you to explore caves and coves, as well as seeing the seabirds and marine life that live there, all whilst negotiating the challenging tides and whirlpools of the sea. Coasteering makes for a more adventurous activity than regular hiking, as you are experiencing the coast within close-quarters. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

Newquay is the perfect location for coasteering, with its rugged yet picturesque coastline of cliffs, beaches and of course, turquoise sea. Whilst coasteering, you’ll find marble caves, stacks, arches, pillars and blowholes — all shaped by the erosion of the Atlantic Ocean and the wind

2. Dune adventures in the Namib desert

The sandy dunes of the Namib desert provides a great backdrop for some blood-pumping activities. The vast slopes may seem gentle from afar, but the activities that are provide there are far from subdued. Sand boarding is an extreme sport much like snow-boarding, where you can slide down the slopes of the dunes and reach speeds of up to 80 km/h. Nervous riders and beginners are able to sit down on the board to surf the dunes, with the braver people opting to stand and even perform tricks. If the idea of speed excites you, you can also opt for quad biking or dune buggies, where you can drive through the troughs and peaks of the dunes for a thrill.

The word ‘Namib’ translates to “vast and empty place” in the Khoekhoe language, but a trip there is far from lacking experiences. This coastal desert is huge and stretches over 2,000 km, over the countries of Namibia, South Africa and Angola. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

3. Parkour in Calgary, Canada

If you think that adventure holidays are limited to the wilderness and nature, then you are wrong. Urban adventures are just as exciting and can include activities such as parkour, a sport in which people use urban spaces as obstacle courses to get through as quickly as possible, without the use of any equipment. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking. Often it involves moving rapidly through an area, navigating around objects by running, jumping and climbing. Freerunning is another similar activity, but typically includes the addition of flips and acrobatics whilst still maneuvering the urban landscape.

Calgary is a great setting for parkour, with a dedicated parkour training facility called Breathe Parkour. Although this is a great place to learn the basics, parkour is design to be done outside. So once you are more confident, head to downtown Calgary to Century Gardens park. The park is filled with Brutalist structures of concrete walls, bridges and blocks — making it the perfect location for some parkour or freerunning. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

4. White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River, Costa Rica

White water rafting is a action-packed adventure consisting of an inflatable raft which you have to steer in fast-moving waters, choosing the best path and avoiding obstacles. Expect to be buck into the air, plunged through waves and paddle harder than you ever have before to avoid crashing into boulders. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking. White water rafting is a great test of teamwork in your group. Especially once you are all together in a small raft hurtling towards some rapids. If white water rafting doesn’t get your heart beating and the adrenaline pumping, then not much will!

In order to get the steep rivers require for the white water, the best destinations are usually upstream in mountainous regions, often where rivers are meltwater from snow. This means that quite often the waters are ice cold. However, the Pacuare River, or Rio Pacuare, in Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for rapids in the world, made even better by the fact that the river is considerably warmer than other destinations due to its close proximity to the Equator- an inviting fact knowing you will inevitably get soaked by the water.

5. Canyoning in Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Canyoning, also called canyoneering or gorge walking, is a great way to explore the fascinating landscape and formations of canyons whilst testing our your personal limits and teamwork with friends or family. It’s similar to coasteering in that it involves a mix of activities such as hiking, caving, climbing and mountaineering, all with the aim of using your body to make your way downstream. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

Zion National Park in southern Utah, is a great location for canyoning. With its impressive features creating a thrilling canyoning experience, paired with the stunning natural beauty you’ll be surrounded by. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

6. Snorkelling in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province, Indonesia

Although snorkelling is perhaps not as adrenaline-inducing as other activities on this list. It’ is still a great option for an exciting underwater adventure. Swimming underwater along with fish and other sea creatures may seem slow-paced at first. But once you get there, you will be surprise at how much this activity thrills you. Not only can you learn about the marine life that inhabits an area. But you can see the true beauty of the underwater world up close. United Airlines Flight Status – Fly High With Us Flight Booking.


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