Top Tips To Improve Your Time At Airport

Air travel is one of the world’s most impressive inventions. For years, it’s allowed people to see new parts of the world and companies to conduct business with global partners. But, regardless of our reasons for traveling, we still all have to go through the pains of queuing and waiting around the airport before a flight. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will drastically cut down the queuing time and make the airport the fun and hassle-free experience that it should be.

Here are our top tips that will help perfect your airport experience and have you travelling like a pro!

1) Pre-select a seat near the front of the plane

While you might want to spend a bit of time shopping around at the airport that you depart from, once you’ve landed on the other side, the chances are that you’ll want to get out of there ASAP. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

By pre-selecting your seat, you can choose to sit close to the front of the aircraft and be one of the first to disembark. Not only does this get you off the plane quicker, but it also puts you closer to the front of the line for passport control if you’re flying internationally.

2) Check-in online and with mobile

If there’s only one thing you take away from this list that you don’t already do, let it be checking-in online. Checking-in online is the ultimate time-saver and it couldn’t be easier. Just enter your flight details on the airline’s website to access the booking, punch in your passport details, print off your boarding pass and — voila! You’ve completed a process that might usually take more than half an hour in a couple of minutes and you haven’t even got to the airport yet.

And, if your airline has a mobile app or allows you to download your boarding pass to your mobile, do that too! The convenience of having your travel documents available at the click of a button can’t be overstated. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

3) Have any physical documents to hand

Unless you use Mobile Passport Control, you’re bound to have some form of a physical travel document that you’ll have to carry around. Keep these documents together and in a safe place, that’s easy to get to. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

4) Research the check-in times

With over 650 airlines available worldwide at Alternative Airlines, we appreciate that online check-in might not be available with all of them, especially the smaller domestic ones. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

If online check-in is unavailable on the airline that you’re flying on, spend some time researching the airport check-in times. Not only will this ensure that you won’t be late for check-in and miss your flight altogether, but it’ll also inform you of the opening times and prevent you from arriving too early and having to wait around.

5) Buy flights at quieter times

It might be common sense, but buying flights at off-peak times generally makes for a less-crowded airport and a smoother experience. Fewer people equals less queuing! Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

When are off-peak flights?

While it might differ from country to country, off-peak flights are generally:

  • Early morning or late-night and red-eye flights
  • Between Tuesday–Thursday
  • Outside of the holiday seasons

6) Only check baggage if you absolutely need to

Even if you’re given a free checked baggage allowance, ask yourself ‘do I really need it?’. If you think you can fit all the items that you need to travel with within your carry-on. Don’t bother checking a bag! Not only do checked bags mean more queuing when you drop it off before departure. But you also have to wait to pick it up on the other side! Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

7) Brush up on what’s allowed in your carry-on

Knowing exactly what can and can’t go in your carry-on baggage is key to breezing through security. Learn the liquid limits and which items are prohibited to avoid your bag getting checked.

8) Pre-pack your liquids in a clear plastic bag

We know that squeezing all of your toiletries and liquids into the small plastic bag before security can be a challenge. Especially when security insist that it must be completely sealed and within one bag. So, why not incorporate it into your pre-flight packing? You can purchase the plastic bags online or just re-use the one from your last trip. And have it all ready for when you reach security. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

9) Don’t wear anything that’s not allowed through security

Sometimes you’ll spend more time dressing and undressing than you’ll spend queuing at airport security. Make sure to pack belts, boots, jackets and anything else you might be asked to remove at airport security away in your case.

There’s no hard rule for this either, so if you’ve noticed some airport security will make you take off your boots and others won’t, that’s because different airports will carry out different security measures. We suggest to play it safe and to not wear anything that you think might slow down the process.

10) Get to know the airport before you travel

If you’re flying from an unfamiliar airport, it might be useful to do a bit of research on it. You can find really useful maps on the airport’s official website, as well as see what shops, restaurants and other facilities the airport has. This is particularly useful for larger airports, which have multiple terminals and different departure areas for different flights. Last Minute Travel Deals at Fly High With Us Flight Booking.

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