Things To Do In Blue Lagoon Abereiddy, Wales

Across the 18th century, the Pembrokeshire slate was in high demand throughout the British Isles. The quarry pit of the St Brides Slate Company in Abereiddy was known for its bright, earthy sheen, with colors ranging from purple-black to silver-grey and accentuated with dazzling blue-green hues. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers.

But there’s more to this lovely part of Wales than thrill-seeking. Explore the character of this magnificent coastline in a kayak, take a stroll along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path for breathtaking vistas, or relax on one of our favorite beaches in Wales, where you’re sure to have the sand and the waves all to yourself.

Here’s all you need to know about spending a day in the Blue Lagoon and its surroundings.

1. Coasteering At The Blue Lagoon

Joining a coasteering group is one of the finest ways to experience the Blue Lagoon. Coasteering is a sport that involves rock leaping, shore climbing, and cliff jumping on the area of the coast between high and low tide. It was invented in Pembrokeshire. It’s a one-of-a-kind outdoor sport with a range of adrenaline levels from moderate to wild.

The journey begins on the shore, where you will walk along jagged edges, leap from low cliffs into the ocean, ride the surf, and discover sea caves. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

The Blue Lagoon is used extensively in the second portion of the journey. Before jumping into the lagoon, run down steep slopes and attempt jumping in from the ever-increasing heights of the ancient quarry buildings that flank the shore.

2. Tombstonning And Leaping At Blue Lagoon

While taking a coasteering trip is safer and allows you to explore the coast around the Blue Lagoon with the assistance of a guide, nothing prevents you from going on your own adventure. Swimming in the lagoon is free, and you may jump in from the cliffs or the abandoned quarry structures. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

Just be aware of a few things: the Blue Lagoon’s water is quite chilly. While the top is a few degrees warmer than the sea, it gets much colder farther below. It’s critical to become acclimated to the water’s temperature before diving in. If you’re going to be in the water for an extended period of time, invest in a wetsuit and don’t swim alone.

3. Kayaking

The coastal area surrounding the Blue Lagoon is rich with attractions. Secret caverns and inlets conceal pristine beaches while towering cliffs shelter a plethora of seabirds and other animals.

Kayaking is one of the finest ways to see the Blue Lagoon. You may start off from Abereiddy beach if you have your own boat, but most tourists find it easier to join a tour. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

4. Picnic

Even if you don’t fancy swimming in frigid water or leaping from inhuman heights, the Blue Lagoon is a fantastic spot to people-watch. At the top of the lagoon, there is a grassy promontory that is ideal for setting up a picnic. Enjoy the antics of those who jump in, or simply watch the sunset over this stunning spot.

The descent to the rocks around the lagoon below the headland is steep and unprotected. As a result, limit your alcohol consumption and use extreme caution around small children. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

5. Secret Beach Of Traeth Lynn

The shoreline around the Blue Lagoon is breathtaking, with numerous hidden beaches. The finest is Traeth Llyfn, a little cove of golden sand just beyond the headland behind the Blue Lagoon. It’s the ideal spot to rest after a day of high-octane activity. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

Before arriving at a steep metal stairway that lowers to the cove, the 15-minute walk across the clifftops takes in some of Pembrokeshire’s greatest coastline vistas. Although few people visit, it is a beautiful beach bordered on three sides by rocky cliffs.

6. Hike The Coastal Path

The region surrounding the Blue Lagoon is ideal for trekking, and one of our favourite hikes along the Pembrokeshire Coast goes through it. The trek between Abereiddy and Porthgain is slightly over 2 miles long and takes approximately 45 minutes. It takes you through magnificent coves and rocky headlands.

Ruins of the slate trade may be found everywhere along the road, including decaying office buildings, abandoned quarries, and the remains of the tramway that transported slate from the quarry to Porthgain bay.

The ruins of the enormous factory that formerly manufactured slate and bricks, which overhang above the little hamlet from the cliff face it was constructed into, are interesting. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

You may walk back the same way you came, go inland for a round walk, or schedule your trip to coincide with the 404 bus. Our Pembrokeshire Coastal Walks guide has all the details (coming soon).

7. Sloop Inn

Take the 10-minute journey from Abereiddy to Porthgain after experiencing the delights of the Blue Lagoon, and conclude the day with a drink at the Sloop Inn. The tavern, which dates back to 1743, is fill with artifacts from the village’s industrial and fishing past. The walls are covered in photos of the ancient harbor, bricks manufactured by the now-defunct kiln, and nautical mementos. Hot Wire Flights At Fly High With Us – Travel Deals And Offers

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