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When residents around the country get properly vaccinated and get the CDC’s approval to fly again, they’re resuming their plans. Trip preparation in the aftermath of the pandemic is in full swing, with domestic summer travel schedules heating up. Get flight booking for summer at Fly High at an affordable cost.

Summer Flights at a Discount

A brief glance at the Fly High Summer Flight Booking website reveals a rosy picture for travelers at the moment. Airfares are cheaper than normal, meaning you can save money on flights for the majority of the season. Normally, June and July are more expensive than late August and early September, but the gap between the lowest and highest average fares is currently less than $100.

That’s good news for passengers, but we recommend purchasing tickets now rather than later because prices are just going to increase. There are some factors that contribute to this. To begin with, this is almost always the case. Fares remain in the “reasonably-priced zone” (what we refer to as the “peak booking window”) for a period of time before increasing dramatically as the travel date approaches.

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Air Travelers Face Difficulties

Next, while it’s unclear how many planes and routes will be at maximum capacity this summer, we do know that airlines have drastically reduced both to cope with the pandemic demand. Flight Booking demand was very poor at times after the pandemic’s peak. Despite the fact that airlines are now re-staffing and re-opening more limited routes, demand for travel can outstrip available flights. If and when this occurs, shoppers could expect an increase in airfare, which, depending on the destination, may result in some severe sticker shock.

When people canceled flight booking at the worst of the pandemic, many of our airlines gave vouchers. In 2021, any of those coupons will expire (about 55 percent of those issued in 2020). People would want to make use of their credit before it expires. Now is the time to book your flight so you don’t have to deal for those who already have tickets!

Finally, most years, Europe is a popular summer destination. Many sites are still closed to Americans this year (as of this date’s publication). As they fail to get their own vaccine schedules online, it’s unknown how prepared European destinations can be for tourist crowds.

We may expect strong demand for domestic flight booking as a result of this (and also because many Americans may choose to fly closer to home this year).

Keeping Your Price Safe

There isn’t a universal agreement that fares will rise. You may read some news articles that say the opposite – that fares may stay very low because of the competition between airlines. We have a function that we believe may also assist you in this regard. That’s called Price Drop Payback, and that just ensures that if you purchase a ticket from us and the fare price drops, you will get a refund.

This is not a one-time offer that will expire at some stage, but rather a feature of our commitment to you in terms of customer service. We like to give you a sense of security. If you do flight booking with us and the price drops, we’ll give you a credit for future travel (up to $100 per ticket).

Not ready to spend just yet, but tempted by the prospect of summer vacation? In the coming weeks, keep an eye on our Summer Flights website. Fly High flight booking. More excellent destination information, as well as some of the best fares we find to various cool destinations, will be shared. In fact, if you’d like to hear about specific vacation spots or routes – let us know in the comments below.

Fly High Cheap Airfare

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